San Francisco CA SoMa repair

Computer Repair San Francisco SoMa

We service MAC and PC repair around San Francisco SoMa.  We are located inside the SF Chronicle Building.  Before you visit our location, please give us a call at 415-524-2333 to make an appointment.  Sometimes we are onsite at our clients, so if you call you will we can connect.

Our repair services include MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac as well as HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo repair even to the component level of the logic and motherboard.  Most companies replace the new logic or motherboard which cost close 70%-80% of the computer.  Our laptop screen repair will get you back on running again to get you access to the important data you have on the hard drive.  Without the screen repair, you would have to pay for data backup and restore.  So let us take a look at your computers, if it is cost effective to repair we will let you know.

901 Mission St., Suite 105
SF Chronicle Building

San Francisco, CA at SoMa Location , Oakland, CA at uptown Location Piedmont, CA Repair Location