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Time Machine Backup and Restore

Time Capsule

SSD Upgrade of current MAC


Out of AppleCare MAC Repair
Laptop & Desktop OS reinstall
MAC & PC Hard drive replacement
Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Repair
Laptop dc jack repair


LAN / WAN System DesignCat 6 Network Install

Network Closet Install & Setup

Network Security & Virus

LinkSys DSL Router

Wireless Router Setup

Router Configuration


Microsoft Vista, XP, 2000, 98
Microsoft Server 2000, 2003, 2008,2012
MAC OS X, MAC Server

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IBM, and Custom Build

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IT Phone and Online Support (24/7)
Regular System & Network Monitoring (24/7, 365)
Problem Resolution
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Vendor Liason
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    Have you ever had your computer down for days before the computer is fixed? If so, what much is your time when the computer is down for your lost of productivity. With the cost of fixing the computer and the lost (cost of productivity), would you think is is worth it to get your computer running smooth with a monthly monitoring and fixing in the background?  Our Monthly Flat Fee Service Program is designed for your company to have piece of mind. The plan is a maintenance plan for your entire business smooth computing needs. It is a monthly fixed cost for the support you need to run your computers at their optimal level. We will monitor and apply necessary fixes and updates before any of the problem comes up. Our Monthly Flat Fee service plan includes our 24/7 help desk phone support and online so that you can get your support when you need it. Our industry standard methodology insures that the computers will be running smoothly so that you can concentrate on your business transactions.Call us at 1-855-590-8222 for a complimentary consultation. We will be glad to show you how you can save or how to improve your computer's uptime. Our goal is to maximize your efficiency so that you can focus your energy on the operation of your business.
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5.0 star rating  Updated review
Hard drive failed again, and we called Huey again. This time, we went for a SSD to replace the failing HD. Huey suggested we add memory to max out the laptop, and we agreed. Got the system back with no data loss. It’s now much peppier, as expected, and my wife is ecstatic. You can’t ask for more.


5.0 star rating
Previous review My wife’s laptop wouldn’t boot; all we got was a couple of beeps and a blinking cursor (Windows Vista). I called and made an appointment to meet in an hour. Within an hour, the problem was diagnosed (Windows file corruption) and fixed. and we were on our way home. Great service from a calm, knowledgeable, friendly technician.


6.0 rating Julie
We had a small problem that we could not solve ourselves and Huey came to our house on a Sunday to fix it. His price was fair and he had us up and running in half an hour. We were very pleased and would call him again!


5.0 rating Media
Came over on short notice in response to a printing network problem. Very patient and stayed with us through a multiple hour job to get the thing up and running again at a very reasonable price.


5.0 rating Matt
I recently cracked my laptop screen (17in) and the next day hue drove to my house, gave me a quote, and took my computer back to fix it. He fixed it in around 5 days and dropped it by my house short after that. My computer was fixed with expert care and in a very fast time frame. I recommend this service to anyone with any type of computer problem. Overall this was a great experience and I will definitely go back to him if I have any other problems!


5.0 rating Ray
On October he made a service call to repair one of my computers. The service man was knowledgable, informative, and very professional in how they resolved my problem. Since the service, I have had the opportunity to use them again and was just as pleased.


4.0 star rating
Given the amount of time to fix my “old” VAIO, they can really help you out!!! I got my VAIO back with in a day!!! Even for my case, originally my window 7 and everything else are from Asia. He was able to fix my Drive C problem and give it back to me as good as new!!! Though the price is a little pricy $95/hr, I guess they are professional. Great work man!!!


5.0 rating Kimberly
I had computer issues at work and it was going to take almost 1 week to get Geek Squad but we found this place and when we called they said they would be here in 1hr. Hue came out fixed the problem quickly and there cost are very reasonable!


5.0 star rating

I have an 8 year old Sony Vaio desktop that I was about to give up on because it had very little storage space on the C drive and I was tired of constantly cleaning that drive almost every hour.
Luckily, I contacted Huey, who not only provided an abundance of storage space for the C drive, he also added more speed to the computer.
For a reasonable fee, Huey gave my old desktop back to me in better shape than it was in when I first bought it. He is extremely bright and patient, and I plan to be a repeat customer whenever the need arises.
Lisa W.


3.0 star rating

These folks delivered on their promise. When my home PC got infected with a virus over the weekend. I knew I was over my head and reached out to AAA mobile Tech Support for help.
Within 1 hour, a tech consultant was at my house, and an hour later my computer was virus free and running as normal.
Fast service, and good customer service — all on a Sunday!


Sunday Housecall
5 stars By Kerry
My laptop hard drive crashed on Sunday morning. Without my computer, I am out of business. It is now Tuesday afternoon and here I sit at my laptop with it’s brand new hard drive and my operating system 100% up to date. Yippee!! Thank you Huey for your fast service, pick up and delivery, and great accessibility. All I have to do now is reload my software and restore my back up (which, amazingly, I had created just two days earlier).


5.0 rating A. James
I brought in a Vaio laptop with a broken screen, and it was replaced very promptly and at a reasonable price. I am very satisfied with the work done, and will be sure to bring all future repairs here.


I was in such a panic…
5 Stars By Cyndy W
on a Sunday morning, leaving for a business trip in the late afternoon and had a computer problem. Staff was at my home within 3 hours and the computer was up and running within an hour. Very friendly and considerate. Give them a call, you’ll be glad that you did. …


Great service!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jennifer
AAAMobileTechSupport replaced hinges on our laptop without any problem at all! We had researched many places trying to find hinges for over 18 months, without any luck. AAAMobileTechSupport was able to replace them within a few days and at a reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend the services of AAAMobileTechSupport.


Very Happy!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Cyndi
AAA mobile tech changed my memory and helped with iTunes backup all in under 1 hour!


excellent, reliable, and fast tech support!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Love
I have had AAA Mobile Tech Support come to my home multiple times and on short notice to solve a myriad of different problems on at least three different computers. They always responded promptly and often arrived within minutes. When my laptop required parts from the dealer (it was under warranty), they were very generous and lent me parts, such as the power cord, while I waited. Huey is also very patient with clients who are very upset (um, that would have been me) with the computer problems such as viruses. He has a good bedside manner! He also fixed my IPOD and recovered my pictures and backed up my data. He did a great deal of things. I would recommend his services wholeheartedly. He is also very professional.


I have had AAA Mobile Tech Support come…
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Love
to my home multiple times and on short notice to solve a myriad of different problems on at least three different computers. They always responded promptly and often arrived within minutes. When my laptop required parts from the dealer …


Laptop monitor
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Estabil5
Huey was great and real professional. I called him regarding my replacement of my monitor for my XPS and within a few days he replaced it without a problem. Very reasonable too.


I was very frustrated with other service…
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By tlr1024
providers telling me that it was not worth it to repair my computer, that the repair was going to cost more than the computer was worth. AAA Mobile Tech Service eased my frustration with their very convenient and speedy service! They said it was simply my d/c …


Great service on printer repair PC and MAC
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Artbug
Arrived within minutes of my call for help. Very helpful in explaining my problem and fixed it right away. knowledgeable in Mac and PC. Polite and prompt I would recommend this service to everyone without reservation.


5.0 rating 03/18/09
I was given Huey’s number and gave him a call, he was more than accommodating to meet my restricted time that I was available, then he shows up, master all my problems I had with my computer, and then programmed my two computers to run our wireless printer. Very professional, courtesy and friendly. Answered all my questions and provide a very comfortable time at a fare price.

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